Review: Marcopolo Garden Tagaytay City

We have always been talking about going to Tagaytay for quite a while. So at 8pm on a Saturday, we decided to hop on a bus bound for Nasugbu. We had no plans at all – no place to stay and no itinerary. We just simply wanted to get lost and see where our fates would bring us.

We got dropped off at Tagaytay at around 10pm. The moment we got off the bus, the crisp cool breeze welcomed us. It was chilly and I think we were not quite prepared for it. At that moment, we knew we had to look for a place to stay in or else we’ll have to suffer through the cold.

Luckily, we stumbled upon Marcopolo Garden, a bed and breakfast lounge located along Malabag Road, Silang, Cavite. With its elegant and enchanting garden, our aim to escape the bustle of the city for a while and come to our senses with nature was instantly fulfilled. Different kinds of floras were beautifully landscaped around the area which gives the opportunity to refreshes ones’ mind and body.  We even went out at 2am to check the night sky, which seemed as if we were closer to heaven.


The ambiance of their comfortable rooms are tranquil, allowing every guest to relax amidst the simple rural life. With various rooms to choose from, complimentary breakfasts are served to every guest in the morning.


To maximize the refreshment, swimming pools and amenities like a Karaoke room and Billiards area are made available to use.


Events such as weddings, debuts, or birthdays can definitely be held at Marcopolo. Invited guests can indulge in their alluring garden and 100sqm hall.


Outside the humble establishment, we found an Akita who was very cute and friendly. We named him Hachiko.


We got excited when we saw a hybrid Mandarin-Calamansi Tree just beside Hachiko, and asked the front desk staff if we could pick some fruits. He gladly offered us some, and so we use the “panungkit” to bring home some Mandarin-Calamansi.


With its close proximity not only to Metro Manila, but also to Tagaytay City, Marcopolo Garden is the perfect place to unwind and take a break. The strong presence of nature in the establishment will definitely give its guests some time to escape reality for a while and indulge in a calming mood. Not to mention, the staff were very friendly and hospitable, and the food was delightful. All of these are offered in an affordable price, which definitely gives back the amount paid through the quality and comfort offered.


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