Camping at Stella Mariz Beach Resort

Beaches are one of the best places to go to when it comes to both stargazing and sunbathing. However, when summer season starts, people most likely flock to almost every beach. Luckily, we found the perfect spot to stay in without having to compromise natural serenity as we stumbled upon a beach resort in Bataan.


Stella Mariz Beach Resort is beach resort reminiscent to Zambales’ Anawangin Cove located in Bagac, Bataan. With only 100 pesos per person, campers are welcomed to stay overnight in a private property filled with sand, rocks, and Agoho Trees. Most visitors bring tents and cooking utensils as there are cooking spots available within the area. Those who do not have tents may rent from the property owner. Cottages and air-conditioned rooms are also available to use for rent.


Due to its location facing the West Philippine Sea, the beach resort boasts of its scenic sunset view, and bountiful stars at night . In the morning, reflections of the sun rising in the East are seen on the horizons, creating a calming hue of colors.


And of course,what better way to start off the morning then dipping into the cold salt water under the morning sun? According to scientific studies, sun rays ’till 9am are good for the skin. One thing that we liked most at this beach is the fact that we were literally the only ones swimming in beach.


Most locals in the area makes a living through fishing and tourism. You can opt to rent a boat in the morning and locals can bring you around the neighboring attractions for an island hoping. While bathing in the beach, we saw a local fishing through a spear.


Where we went wrong though is assuming there are food sources around the area. Friendly reminder — there’s none. We had no food except our mini biscuits and candies the whole so we had to ignore the hunger. Luckily, the nature vibes helped us get through it. When we saw a kid selling ice cream after swimming in the morning, we hurriedly bought some.


To sum it up all, Stella Mariz resort is recommendable beach location. Its serene and peaceful environment will surely satisfy your love for nature. Not to mention, the locals residing around the area are very accommodating and helpful.



180 (x2) – Bus from Cubao to Balanga (with 20% discount)

35 (x2) – Mini bus from Balanga to Bagac

70 (x2) – Tricycle from Bagac to Stella Mariz (You can opt to walk around 1km)

100 – Stella Mariz entrance fee




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